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Custom Skip Link Style

On each page we have provided skip links which keyboard only users and screen reader users will appreciate because it will give them the ability to skip over repetitive content, such as menu options, and go directly to next section of the website. Textual links will display text only (eg. Top) and graphical links will display a small graphic like Top skip link. Arrow pointing up..

Custom Webpage Style

Custom webpage style enables the user to make the choice of how the website is presented. If you are using a mobile device you may wish to select the Handheld style, if you are using a wide monitor then the Wide style may suit you best. If your computer accepts cookies then your style preference will be saved on your computer so that the next time you visit this website your selected style will be automatically loaded.

Custom Access Keys

Access keys allow for quick access to menu options. By allowing the visitor to set their own access keys we guarantee that there will be no conflict between the access key selection and other software functionality that the visitor may be using. Your browser needs to be able to accept cookies before access keys can be set.

Access keys work by pressing ALT (Windows) or CTRL (Mac) and then the chosen access key (Internet Explorer users also need to press ENTER at the end; Firefox 2.x users need to press Shift+ALT+access key).

Define Your Access Keys Here

Please enter access keys of your choice.
You may select letters A thru Z or numbers 0 thru 9.

There are no access keys defined.

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